Skating Accessories

Figure Skate Plastic Blade Guards

These rubber blade guards feature drain holes and simple attachment for any size
Figure Skate. They allow you to walk on any surface with damaging your blades.


Price: $7.99

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Lycra boot covers

  • Lycra boot covers
  • One size fits all
  • Solid colors only

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Price: $7.99

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TransPack Ice Skating Back Pack

  • The Transpack ice bag will fit ice skates (figure and hockey skates). Also included is mesh on side skate pockets, allowing skates to dry and an
    zippered pocket.  Backpack or carry handle built around the patented storage system.  Fits youth and adult figure and hockey skates and spreads weight to outside, relieving strain  Center pocket for gloves, guards, cell phone etc.
  • Quantity

    Price: $34.99

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