Power Up Gymnastics Wrist Supports – Animal Prints

  • Power Up Wrist Supports by Ginnasta USA are a premium wrist support that will help reduce wrist strain/pain for gymnasts and those who practice yoga. By strengthening and stabilizing the backside of the wrist and hand with a flexible support, our Power Ups prevent dorsal hyperflexion, or hyperextension of the wrist. Our supports are made from 100% genuine leather and each pair includes extra foam supports, and plastic exos (exoskeletons) so you can customize the level of support you need. Because we use such high quality materials, your wrist supports will last for years and only the foam inserts need to be changed periodically (replacements are just a few bucks!). See sizing chart below: XS =
    If your measurement overlaps with 2 different sizes, order the next size up. Also consider the weight of athlete when deciding size.

Price: $52.95

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