Gym Rats: Toe Jam

Best friends and gymnasts, Morgan and Madison continue their exploits in GymRats: Toe Jam. There isn t a gymnast in the world that hasn t gotten hurt and was unable to perform at her best. The Gym Rats get a taste of what injury is like in Gym Rats: Toe Jam. Toe Jam follows the same format as Basic Training: a continuation of Morgan and Madison s story, complete with their private notebook entries; the Coach s Corner with coaching tips on the skills covered in the book; the Drills to Skills section, which provides great drills for the skills performed in the book; a glossary of gymnastics terms; and great illustrations by Janet Venné. This fictional series is ideal for girls from the beginning levels and pre-team on up through compulsories. Older and more advanced gymnasts will find the coaching tips and drills helpful. If you liked Basic Training, you ll love Toe Jam!


Price: $10.00

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