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The Fairy Collection’ by Christian Moreau is the theme of our 2012-2013 leotard collection. The fairies in our creation department have used their magic wands, secret potions, and powerful charms in order to create this extraordinary collection. There is a  large choice of designs, unrivalled comfort and quality, original styles, harmonious fabrics. colours, and diamantes, to make the gymansts of the worlds dreams come true.

Magicians and wizards of gymnastics: whether you’re a competitive artistic or rhythmic gymnast, perform acrobatic sports, trampoline, tumbling, or just recreational gymnastics, you’ll find all of the clothes and accessories you’ll need for your favorite sport in our 2012-2013 catalogue.

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We have 54 exciting and innovative leotard designs in our women’s collection and a total of 21 styles for men and boys to choose from.

And, for those budding stars of the future, our new Babygym collection has 6 colorful designs to pick from to make your toddler feel like a champion right from the start.

By request we have expanded our line of apparel to include bags, jewelry, and accessories. In addition, you’ll love our updated fabrics and colors. Our newest eye-catching meshes come in blue lagoon, lime green, dark blue, violet, yellow gold, and yellow sun.

Indeed, the artistic design of a competition leotard is of particular importance, but comfort must also be taken into consideration. Not only does Moreau offer a wide range of styles, designs, fabrics and colors while combining harmony and originality, but in addition, we guarantee the comfort and quality of the Moreau who has dressed so many of the world’s gymnasts in their success!

Regardless of whether for practice or competition, for a beginner or a champion, our aim is to provide you with the most superior quality and unique styles and designs in gymnastics apparel.

For more information on the Moreau leotard collection, catalogues, or swatches contact us at: or call us at:

U.S.A. at: 928-554-3275

Europe at: 39-3396524091

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