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Moreau leotards are manufactured in France where the form of measurement is centimeters.



It is very important to be accurate when taking measurements. If possible, get help from another person when measuring.


Torso: The torso is the most important measurement. It should be taken from the middle of the shoulder, down across the front, through the crotch, and up the back to the starting point.


Chest: When taking the chest measurement, hold both arms out at shoulder height, and take a deep breath.


Hips: Take the hip measurement at the point where the buttocks are fullest.


Waist: Remember that your waistline is situated above the navel and below the ribcage. Be very careful when taking this measurement.




Product Care


Moreau leotards are made of new, fancy, and glittering fabrics, and they require special care.


Hologram, metalized, and fabrics covered with diamantes are very delicate and cannot stand abrasion, acid perspiration, and deodorants. Always wash your Moreau leotard inside out with a mild liquid detergent:


–      Hand wash without soaking 30 degrees one at a time, change the water after washing each leotard and fast spin dry in a towel.


–      Or machine wash (maximum 5 leotards at a time) on the short 30 degree cycle, spin dry in the machine on delicate cycle and take them out of the machine straight away.



–      Let dry on a hanger, not in the dryer!


–      Do not bleach or iron.


–      Never let the leotards soak in water.


–      You can use little wipes to avoid the discoloration.




With such care you will enjoy your Moreau leotard a very long time. For better comfort and increased safety, Moreau leotards are lined with permanent anti-bacterial fabrics.


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