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How To Care For A Gymnastics Leotard

Every day I see gymnasts coming into our gym, wearing top line leotards that are faded or missing rhinestones.  As a parent, this can be very disappointing because of the large amounts of money we often spend on these designer garments. Expensive gymnastics leotards are sort of like owning an exotic race car. They are both beautiful and fragile, but if not taken care of properly they will fall apart. Whether they’re cheap or costly, proper care of gymnastics clothing is essential to ensure they remain in good condition.

How To Care For Your Leotard

I suggest you have your child take off her leotard at the end of each workout and turn it inside out. The reason for this is that it will allow the moisture to evaporate, instead of remaining on the leotard. Never wad it and stuff it into a bag either. Instead, neatly fold it up and place it in a mesh bag so that air will circulate around it, allowing it to dry faster. Always allow your leotard to air out after using it.

How To Wash Your Leotard

Follow the washing instructions on the tag. Many gymnasts complain that the tag inside is itchy, so they cut it out. This can often end up in a bad leotard situation. Always turn your garment inside out, and hand wash it separately in cold water. If it is made of a metallic or hologram fabric, repeated machine washings will dull the leotard quickly. To sanitize your it, you can add a handful of table salt to the water. This will also help prevent fading. Use a mild liquid detergent and avoid using fabric softeners or granular detergents as this will damage the material. Only use enough water to cover the leotard. Gently press soapy water through it for a few minutes. Don’t rub the fabric unless there’s a stain. Rinse it in cool clean water, and gently squeeze the water out of it. Twisting or wringing it will cause it to lose its shape.  You can hang your leotard on a plastic hanger to dry, but laying it down flat away from
heat and direct sunlight will help it keep its shape and better prevent fading. Don’t use clothes pegs to dry it, as they may weaken the fabric and leave pressure marks.

Quick Tip:
If you don’t have the time to hand wash your leotards, turn them inside out and machine wash them individually in cold water on the gentle cycle with very mild liquid laundry detergent.


More Leotard Do’s And Don’ts

Gymnastics leotards come in a vast assortment of fabrics and prints. Different textiles wear and wash differently. Some of the more durable ones are lycra and velvet. On the other hand, foil and metallic fabrics have the tendency to lose color with repeated washings. The combination of nylon or lycra and hologram mixed with foil fabrics will fade slightly in the area where there are jewels. This is caused by the heat application that was used to apply them. Perspiration and deodorant may also cause loss of foil or fading. Never iron a leotard or dry it over a radiator. Don’t keep it stored in a plastic bag, either. This may also cause it to dull or fade.


To ensure you leotard provides the best possible fit and condition, follow these instructions and it will remain as good as new.


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