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Welcome To The New Getleotards 


Hi everybody. Welcome to the new Getleotards!
I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about how my store came to be.

My name is Lorelei, and I’m the owner of the site. The idea for my ecommerce store first came about on the front patio of my mother’s house in Arizona a few years ago. I was outside visiting with her neighbor, Jimmy B, and talk drifted onto my eleven year old daughter’s gymnastics: her competitions and her long training sessions. I can’t remember exactly how we got on the topic of leotards, but I do recall telling him about my passion for them. My daughter must have thirty of them in her closet. The leotard stand is the first place I head to at a gymnastics’ competition. I just can’t resist the bright colors with rhinestones, the velvet, the foil, the lycra, the glitter of the shiny hologram fabrics…I told him that I’d previously contacted some of the leotard companies asking them if they’d give me the rights to sell their products at these events. I can still vividly recall our conversation.
“I’ve had this desire to sell leotards at gymnastics’ meets for a few years now. I can just imagine my leotard stand along with all the young athletes, coaches, and parents, the high energy of the teams warming up, stretching out, the line up etc.” I said.
“Well, why don’t you do it then?” he asked me.
“Because they’ve all told me that I have to own a shop or go through a gymnastics’ club. I don’t qualify for either,” I answered shrugging with a sigh.
“Have you considered affiliate marketing?” he replied.
That’s when Jimmy had to go into the explanation of what exactly affiliate marketing was. It was a term I was unfamiliar with, and since JimmyB is a webmaster he managed to clarify it for me in very simple terms.
“Affiliate marketing is when you sell somebody’s product for a commission. You need to have a website to do this. Once you’ve got your site up, the merchant would allow you to link to their business. When a visitor clicks on the link or banner at your site, and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a cut based on the amount of the sale,” he explained.
A week later I bought the name getleotards, and the project got started. We decided to hire somebody to custom design the site for us. It turned out all right, but during the process there were a lot of issues and delays. When it was finally declared, ‘finished’ things weren’t working 100%. As time went on it, and it gradually fell apart piece by piece. First the search button didn’t work, and the site was slow, then links to the manufacturer didn’t auto direct as they were supposed to. It was one continual thing after another that went on for the longest time. It really got me down, and I started to lose interest in the whole venture. It seemed as if I was just banging my head against a brick wall. My website needed a radical upgrade. When it seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel, Jimmy suggested I let him rebuild it for me.
“I’ll take the bones of it and reconstruct everything. I’ll take the store out and put a new one in. I’ll edit the logo and the header, too. Let’s give this baby a bit of love. Don’t think negatively, Lorelei, you have to love your site,” he proclaimed.
I agreed to his proposal, and he got started. Every day we’d talk to each other and discuss the changes he was making. It was actually a lot of fun, and little by little it evolved into what you see today. Have a look: http://getleotards.com
I’ve had to completely restock my store. Everything that was in the old one was lost in the renovations. I have painstakingly handpicked every single item you see. Many of the products either my daughter or I have personally tried out (I used to be a figure skater). I’ve chosen the jewelry and gift items that I myself would like to receive as a present. The books I have to offer are ones that I’d read, ones that interest me. A lot of heart and soul was put into it, let’s say.
What’s next?
I want to get into used leotards now. I think a lot of you gymnastics’ mothers would love to have a place where you can go to sell the leotards that your little girl has outgrown, the ones that don’t have any sentimental significance to you. I’m talking about leotards that are still in good condition. I’ll be the first to be cleaning out my daughter’s closet, that’s for sure. Reducing, reusing, recycling is what I’m talking about. Saying this brings a wise old saying to mind:
“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
Somewhere deep in that accumulation of old leotards is a treasure for somebody else.
Thinking about it, balance beams, mats, uneven bars, spring boards, floor music…all that sort of stuff can be recycled. And it’d be good for the environment, too.
Let me know what you think of my idea and if you’d like to participate in it. If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them.
In closing. I’d like to thank JimmyB for his patience and creative input. What a great learning experience it has been for me. He has taught me so much.
Follow my articles at http://getleotards.com for the continuation of the story.

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