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Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Gymnastics Injury?


Gymnastics is one of America’s preferred after-school activities, but it is a dangerous sport that can result in a serious injury or possibly death.

Thankfully, the most frequent injuries in artistic gymnastics are: strained muscles and ligaments, rips in the skin of the hands, wrist injuries, and lower back pain. These usually require little attention, just rest. However, as a gymnast progresses and the level of the stunts and acrobats increase, so does their risk of serious and traumatic head and neck injuries. This is a real possibility and concern for parents, coaches, and athletes.

Long hours of intense workouts wear and tear on the joints, and especially the floor exercise and uneven bars put an incredible amount of stress on the arms. They not only bear the weight of the athletes body, but they also have to absorb the shock of certain elements. The bones of the lower leg and feet are also susceptible to stress fractures because of the continual running and pounding barefoot.


A Three Year Study Of Gymnastics Injuries

A three year study was performed by the Western Washington University on 79 American female artistic gymnasts between the ages of 7-18 years who were competing at levels 4-10. The frequency of injury was measured and compared among beginners versus advanced level athletes. Results showed that during the study 60 of the 79 gymnasts suffered from injuries, whereas 19 of the athletes remained unharmed. The analysis revealed that a larger portion of the more serious injuries affected the more advanced level gymnasts, especially during competition.

Sang Lar

In 1998, Chinese gymnast Sang Lar broke her neck on a vaulting exercise during warm-up at the Goodwill Games in New York. She suffered spinal cord injuries and two broken and dislocated vertebrae which left her paralyzed from below her chest down and confined to a wheelchair. Thirteen years later, she has filed a 1.8 billion dollar lawsuit against the media company which founded and owned the games and the couple who were her legal guardians in New York at the time of the accident.


Common Causes Of Gymnastics Injuries

Some of the causes of gymnastic injuries are:
1) Worn out mats which no longer have sufficient padding.
2) Instructors who are unqualified or careless.
3) Gymnastic equipment with loose connections, rusty, or faulty parts.

When To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you believe your child’s injury is due to the neglect of an instructor or the club, you may consider contacting a personal injury lawyer and filling a sports injury compensation claim alleging negligence on behalf of the coaches or the gymnastic training center to compensate for medical bills.


Always have a medical examination done by a registered physician before starting gymnastics. If your gymnast is fatigued and in danger of injury, have them rest and recover for the necessary period. Injuries need proper rest and time to heal. Once they are able to go about their daily activities without any pain, they can slowly begin to train again. Common sense is the best defense against gymnastic injuries.

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