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How Can I Protect My Gymnast’s Feet?

Foot Injuries In Gymnastics


Foot injuries in gymnastics are quite common, because this is one of the few sports where the athletes don’t wear shoes. Since they train and perform barefoot, this puts them at a high risk for injury. Gymnasts can suffer from a number of foot conditions such as racked heels, heel bruises, plantar fascia strains, ankle sprains, and stress fractures.

Apparatus Shoes Will Protect Your Gymnast’s Feet


To minimize the chances of injury, it is important to protect the feet during long intense workouts. When trying to protect your gymnast’s feet, the aesthetical aspect is also vital. An athlete who chooses to wrap her feet with thick padded bandages, will not only lose traction on her mounts, she will appear less graceful. They should take advantage of the specific shoes that are made for each individual apparatus.


Balance Beam Shoes

Beam shoes are tightly fitted slippers with some traction on the bottom to help prevent slipping, and are often made of leather. Gymnasts who are practicing leaps, jumps, and flipping skills on a daily basis take a lot of hard landings on the beam and the edges of the beam. Wearing beam shoes will not only protect the feet, but also make the landings less painful. I have personally used, and recommend, the Pegasus Gemini Beam Shoe. They’re American made and come with Sorbothane added to the heels for shock absorption for hard heel strikes on the beam, floor, or vault.  They come in white and flesh tone.


Protection Against Cracked Heels And Feet

Gymnasts are also prone to suffer from cracked heels, calluses, and dry feet, especially when it’s cold and dry in the gym. This can be very painful and possibly dangerous to their health. An excellent product for moisturizing and hydration is Flexitol Heel Balm. It is specially formulated to treat dry, rough, cracked feet.



Heel Protection

Gymnastics is a high impact sport because of the jumps and landings. For this reason,  gymnasts at every level are more susceptable to foot injuries-in particular heel injuries.  Combine the shock absorption of Tuli’s® patented “waffle” design heel cups with the comfort and support of lightweight neoprene ankle support and you get unsurpassed support with amazing “barefoot” feeling and comfort. Tuli’s Cheetahs are ideal for shin splints, tired and swollen ankles or just a little extra ankle support.

Always ask for your coach’s advice before purchasing any safety gear. Don’t try to make your own decisions without a professional opinion. Your coach will know what’s best for your needs.

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