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Of all the gymnastics-related injuries that are treated in doctors offices and hospitals, wrist injuries are the most prominent.  Tendonitis, fractures, sprains, and strains count for being the most frequently reported.  In gymnastics, the wrist is very susceptible because of the continual fast, jolting movements that place full body weight on the wrist bones while bending them backwards. Wrist pain is so common that many gymnasts consider it to be as normal as the calluses on their hands from the uneven bars.  There are, however, a number of effective precautions that can be taken to prevent these types of gymnastics injuries.

Managing Wrist Pain

The key to managing pain is a top quality gymnastic wrist support. They should be used whenever working with the wrist: in handstands, flips, vaulting etc. If you have already hurt your wrist, you may want to wear the support until it is completely healed. Many coaches now require all the gymnasts that are doing difficult entry vaults to wear wrist guards. My personal advice is to buy the best quality wrist guards and wear them every time you stress your wrists, to give them a chance to heal.

Tiger Paw Wrist Supports

Tiger Paws wrist supports have become very well-liked with North American gymnasts. They can be used not only for gymnastics, but also for power tumbling, cheerleading, and platform diving. You can get them in nine different colors. They come with two sets of plastic supports that can be added for extra support. The tiger paw has a little pocket on the top part of the wrist support that velcros shut. There is already a high density foam pad on the inside of this. If you want extra support you can add the plastic supports. This will make them even stiffer. You could actually even double up on the plastic inserts if you wanted to.

Wrist supports are designed to allow the athlete to train longer by reducing stress on the wrists. Always follow a doctor’s recommendations if the pain continues.

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