Where To Buy Dancing Shoes | Dance Shoes

Where To Buy Dancing Shoes | Dance Shoes


Dancing has become one of the most popular forms of exercise. Whether you’re doing it to lose weight, meet people, or stay active, it is about having fun. Even rural villages now offer an array of dance classes from ballet, tap, and jazz to Latin ballroom and salsa. For those who live in smaller towns and don’t have the convenience of a local retail store, where to buy dancing shoes can be an issue.

Owning a good pair of dance shoes is as valuable as perfecting a routine that has been well-choreographed. They are essential for any dancer, regardless of whether they are an experienced professional or just a beginner. Never underestimate the importance of choosing a good pair of shoes, because your overall performance ultimately will be influenced by the amount of support and comfort they give you. If your feet are cramped or uncomfortable, you will not be able to practice or perform at your best. A good pair of dance shoes that fit correctly will help add grace and poise to your performance.

There are numerous types of dance shoes which are designed to meet the needs of the type of dancing one is practicing. There are ballroom and Latin shoes, jazz, tap, and ballet shoes that make it easier to twirl, spin, and slide on your toes.

So, if you’re ready to purchase your next pair of dance shoes, but don’t know where to shop for them, there are a huge selection of online stores to choose from and quite often you can find discounts of up to 50% on your favourite brandnames.


Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dance shoes for women often have straps that go across the arch of the foot. For European dancers (foxtrot and waltzes) the height of the heel is only allowed to be 3 inches in height, while for Latin dancing (rhumba and tango) only two inch heels are permitted. Many female dancers like wearing a closed-toed shoe because they offer more foot protection. Latin dancers traditionally wear a more open-toed shoe, which appears very similar to a sandal with straps.



Jazz Dancing Shoes


Jazz dancing shoes can vary from a classic black-colored, micro thin, natural leather shoe to a substantially more trendy kind of soft leather sneaker. Nonetheless, all jazz dancing shoes have very thin soles and generally are somewhat smooth on the underside of the sole to make it easier to slide across the floor.



Tap Dance Shoes

Tap shoes can be made of leather, plastic, or canvas.  Men usually prefer a black lace-up Oxford style, while women choose from the various colors of Mary Jane and Oxford styles. Black patent leather tap shoes are extremely popular and tend to have somewhat thicker and durable soles with heels that are no less than one inch high. The soles, which are made of leather or suede, have metal taps underneath the heels and toes. The metal taps are attached with screws. There are three major types of taps: Supertone, Duotone, and Teletone. The Teletone Taps are the most well liked at the moment.



Ballet Shoes


Ballet shoes come in canvas and natural-leather. The ones made of leather will be more costly, but are definitely sturdier and longer-lasting than the canvas type. Many people think that leather ballet shoes are more elegant and emphasize pointed toes more than the canvas ones. Nevertheless, many dancers like the way canvas shoes feel and the convenience of being able to clean them in the washing machine. The best way to decide between canvas and leather ballet shoes is to take into consideration if the type of floor you  will be using them on is made of wood or vinyl. Leather shoes are very effective on wooden floors, while canvas shoes are more suitable when dancing on vinyl floors.



Are you looking for new dance shoes, but don’t know where to go to buy them? Is the dancewear store in your town or city sold out of the color or size you want?

Shopping for dance shoes online will ultimately save you money, is far more convenient, and undoubtedly offers you a bigger assortment. Always check the return policy and read the product description carefully before making a purchase.

Where to buy dancing shoes is just a few clicks away.




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