Gymnastics Gifts For Girls

Gymnastics Gifts For Girls


Are you looking for gymnastics gift for a girl?


If you have a girl who practices gymnastics and would like to get her a present, we have chosen six items that we feel gymnasts at all levels would appreciate receiving as a gift.


They are:
1. Leotards
2. Gym Bags
3. Jewelry
4. Grips
5. Books
6. Home Gymnastics Equipment




Gymnastics leotards are guaranteed to be a great gift for any occasion. They are available in all sizes, colors, styles, and fabrics. For the most part they are made of lycra, nylon, and velvet. Some leos are very fancy and have been embellished with mesh fabric and glittery jeweled accents that make them sparkle and shine. There are sleeveless, short sleeve, quarter length, and long sleeve leotards to choose from. There are a number of possibilities when purchasing gymnastics leotards. The majority of gyms in the U.S. have a shop where leotards are sold. You can also buy leotards online. The advantage to this is that there is often a much larger selection to choose from. We have some beautiful pre used and new leotards from GK Elite, SnowflakeDestira, and Moreau.



Gym Bags

You can glam up a leotard by carrying your grips, tiger paws, and water bottle in a stylish gym bag. Duffle bags are very popular presents. Not only are there a large assortment of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, they can be used for multiple purposes. Inside pockets can be used to carry hair elastics, floor music, hand cream, or bandages. Many gymnastics bags also have convenient shoulder straps and can also be used when travelling.



Gymnastics Jewelry

There are many styles of gymnastics’ jewelry to choose from. Necklaces and earrings made of gold, sterling silver, and pewter are the way to any gymnast’s heart. A personalized charm bracelet is a fun and fashionable way to show your little girl just how much her hard work and success means to you. There are many different types of charms available to put on her bracelet. Dangling charms in the shape of a gymnast on the balance beam or in a flip, trophies, and letter charms that spell out her team will be treasured for years to come. Lots of gymnasts also like to collect pins that depict their favorite sport. They put them on their jackets, gym bags, hats, and good luck teddy bears. Some are brightly colored, while others may have a special sentimental meaning. Every time your little champion wears the gymnastics jewelry you gave her she’ll be reminded of you.


Every gymnast would love to receive a new pair of hand grips. The more a gymnast trains, the more likely they are to rip their hands on the uneven bars, parallel bars or pommel horse, and hand rips can be very painful. The best way to prevent them is by wearing a good pair of hand grips. When selecting a pair of grips, you’ll have decide on either palm grips or dowel grips. Palm grips protect the palms of the hands and are more intended for beginning gymnasts who haven’t started competing yet. They are good for basic swings and pull ups. Dowel grips are used by competitive gymnasts who are performing swinging elements such as clear hip circles and giants. Once you have decided on a brand, pay close attention to their sizing charts. It is very important to select the correct size. Remember to get a pair of cotton wrist bands to wear under the grips to prevent chafing.





If your little gymnast enjoys reading, there are loads of books they would love to receive as a present. “Shawn Johnson Olympic Champion” is a beautiful book packed with exclusive photos from Shawn’s personal albums as well as competition pictures that highlight Shawn’s gymnastic career. It is filled with stories and quotes from Shawn, her parents, and other people who are close to her. “Letters To A Young Gymnast” by Nadia Comaneci is a memoir about Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, and about how at the age of fourteen she was the first gymnast to earn a perfect score. Written as a series of responses to various letters from her fans, it is a deeply personal account of her life. Nadia takes the reader through many emotions as she explains her feelings about the events that shaped her life. If your little girl likes to write or keep a diary get her “Gymnastics Journal: My Scores, My Goals, My Dreams”. She can also keep track of her scores at competition, set goals for herself, and keep them.



Home Gymnastics Equipment

No matter how many times you may tell your little champion not to, she’ll continue to practice gymnastics in the house. She’ll do everything from practicing swings on her swing set to doing back handsprings on the lawn or tucks off the sofa. Your gymnast will be much safer if she has a good mat to land on rather than the basement floor. There are some nice low home balance beams that are made of foam or wood covered with a padded top for non-slip traction and have rounded edges and soft corners. These are ideal for young gymnasts who are learning their skills. A training bar is a great addition to your home gymnastics equipment. The bars snap and lock into place and are adjustable from 33 to 48 inches in height. They are mostly made of fiberglass or wood, and are good for level 4 and under gymnasts to practice  kips, casts, hip circles, and handstands on.


So, if you are looking for the perfect gymnastics gift for a gymnast, go online and have a look at leotards, gym bags, jewelry, grips, books, and home equipment.

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