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Getleotards Announces Joint Arizona Retail Venture With Europe’s Leading Leotard Designer Christian Moreau


Getleotards  has announced  that they have  formed a joint retail venture agreement with French based leotard manufacturer Christian Moreau. They said the partnership would give American gymnastics’ clubs and organizations the opportunity to reach across the ocean and be assisted in designing and purchasing Moreau’s renowned artistic and rhythmic gymnastics’ apparel.


Christian Moreau is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of gymnastics’ leotards, as well as being world famous for their outstanding quality, fit, and customer service. In 2008, nine Olympic teams, including gold medalists from China and Romania, competed in Moreau leotards. Exclusive state-of-the-art designs are the key to their great popularity.


Getleotards president CEO Lorelei  said that she is looking forward to further expansion in finding clubs and organizations who share her love for classically elegant leotards. We firmly believe that this is the absolute top-of-the-line, finest quality gymnastics’ apparel currently available anywhere.


You can find more information on Christian Moreau Arizona at:  or you can call us at:

Europe: 39-3396524091

USA 928-554-3275

We’d be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the Christian Moreau collection.

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