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Practice Leotards Vs. Competition Leotards


One of the most indispensable of a gymnast’s possessions is the leotard. Women’s gymnastics apparel varies considerably from dancewear. A leotard which is worn for artistic gymnastics is more tight-fitting around the thigh area. This helps prevent it from bunching and sliding up. Because dance leotards are cut considerably higher, they are not recommended for a gymnastics.


Gymnastics’ leotards have become much more sophisticated over the years. In older times they used to be rather simple. Nowadays, there are some very interesting and attractive designs on the market. They are available in virtually every color imaginable, and can be purchased in a variety of designs, fabric combinations, and styles. The most popular type of girl’s leotard is the tank. It is a one-piece garment with a rounded neckline. These types are easy wearing, non-restrictive, and ideal for most training situations. Together with the tank are the long and short sleeve styles, that are perfect for athletes who like to have their arms partially or completely covered. Leotards with  long sleeves are particularly suitable for cold-weather workouts, even if gymnasts are inclined to get hot when training.


Practice leotards are used to workout in. They can basically be made of any design, style, cut, or color. Training leos are strictly a matter of the gymnast’s personal taste. They are more economical and can easily be purchased on the internet. Competition leos are worn strictly at meets and tend to be higher priced. They really should be tried on before being bought to ensure a comfortable fit and that the gymnast can move easily in it. Leotards that are worn in competition are composed of the team’s colors and generally are much fancier. They are not allowed to have cutouts on the back or shoulder straps that are less than 2 inches wide. For the most part the athletes wear long sleeves at meets. Of the numerous fabrics to choose from, lycra and spandex are the most popular, well-fitting, and durable. Competition leotards are selected by the owner or managing director of the club, the instructors, and the entire squad.


Every time a gymnast competes, along with performing well, it is important for them to look really good. The fabrics used for making competition apparel can most certainly be the same as that of a training leotard, however a number of gymnasts wear velvet as well as silk. Competition leotards are typically designed and ornamented with elegant jewels that suit the gymnast’s exercise together with the song they have chosen for their floor routine. When choosing a leo for competitions, you will need to decide on a style that won’t reveal the athlete’s undergarments. The judges could penalize them if a bra strap is sticking out.



The majority of mothers and coaches claim that measuring the correct size of the girth is essential in obtaining the very best fit when purchasing on the web. If the gymnast is a growing phase, you might consider getting a bigger size to accommodate this.

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