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Get Leotards wants you to be as good as you look. We believe that as an athlete you need to have an edge over your competitors.  Our mission is to provide you with top line sportswear, gym equipment, and accessories.  We want you to feel stylish and comfortable in training and competitions, and be one step ahead in the world of sports fashion.
At Getleotards we offer a huge selection of the latest fashion trends in top quality gymnastics leotards, dance apparel, skating dresses, biketards, dance footwear, tights, and dance accessories to ensure you’ll feel confident and comfortable in your performance.  Some of the brands we carry are: Moreau, Snowflake Capezio, Perfect Balance, Lizatards, Quantum, Patsy Aiken, Tumblewear, Body Wrapper, and Talent Tale.  Pair your leotard with gymnastics shorts for the perfect workout look!  For those of you on a tighter budget, check out our Pre Used Gymnastics leotards. We’re always adding stock, so stop by often!
Shop GL  for all your gymnastics equipment: tumbling mats, balance beams, asymmetric bars, pommel horses, and rings. We have Tiger Paws, wrist supports, palm grips , and dowel grips in all sizes for both men and women.


Getleotard’s ice skating store has a wide variety of figure skates, skating dresses, and skating skirts. Some of the brands we carry are: Reidell, Jackson, Mondor, ChloeNoel, and SIXO.



You’ll find everything for your gymnastics, dance, and figure skating needs at Getleotards. Have fun shopping!